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WHY ATTEND - Magnetic Speaker Event

Why Attend

One Speaking Gig Can Change EVERYTHING For You and Your Business

Speaking is the #1 way to build instant credibility in your niche. When you attend the Magnetic Speaker Live Event you'll gain the tools necessary to create, launch and grow a speaking business that can impact thousands of people, increase your revenue and give you authority in your niche. The moment you step on stage people see you differently. They assume you are an expert; they assume you have something worthwhile to say; they assume you should be listened to... and you are!

When you attend the Magnetic Speaker Event You’ll LEARN:

  • How to create a powerful and sellable message
  • The 5 best ways to market yourself to land speaking engagements
  • The secrets of developing and creating powerful marketing
  • How to brand your message so you are the go-to expert in your industry
  • What are your best promotional investments when seeking to land more speaking engagements
  • Where to get lists of event planners and coordinators you can market to
  • The 7 reasons event planners choose certain speakers… and how to use this information to be the top choice in your industry
  • How to get rebooked 75% of the time

This Event is For You If and ONLY IF…

  • You have a message that you would like to share with the world
  • You’re okay getting highly paid to share your message
  • You’d like to have the kind of credibility where people listen to you and want more of your products and services

In three days You’ll discover:

  • How to develop a website optimized for booking engagements
  • How to construct and deliver presentations that win your audience over every time
  • How to eliminate stage fright and rock the stage every time
  • How to sell thousands of dollars from stage
  • How to quickly create products that you can sell from stage and online
  • How to create your own speaking opportunities and not have to travel
  • The biggest speaking niche in the entire speaking business that nearly ANY topic will fit into
  • The only 3 sources of revenue in ANY business (and how you can capitalize on them)


Who is this event for?
This event is for anyone who wants to share their message from the stage to sell product, acquire clients or charge a fee. There is no more powerful place to gain credibility and get your message to people than standing on stage and speaking.

People work for years to gain the respect and credibility that speaking can give you instantly. The minute someone calls you to speak to their people, or you throw your own live event and people travel to you, you are seen as the expert on your topic. If you are an aspiring, new or seasoned speaker, author, training, coaching, business owner, internet marketer or seminar leader than the Magnetic Speaker Live Event was started thinking of you.

But I have been speaking for years; how is this event going to help me?
I get this question often from seasoned speakers that have been at this for a while. People that have been speaking for a while, already have their signature talk done and are getting paid to speak over 20 times a year get more out of this event than those starting their speaking business, because they have a content to apply the content immediately. Over half our audience is filled with people that are already generating income speaking, but want to triple the revenue their making as a speaker.

I have been to SO many events like this, what makes the Magnetic Speaker Event any different?
There are 3 things that makes this event different. First, as most events have moved to a content free pitch fest, Magnetic Speaker is primarily a content based event. Second, we work with EVERY speaker that is going to be on stage they are the BEST at what they do. Lastly, because we book over 100 speakers a year for our events there is great networking opportunities for you as a speaker.

How Often does the Magnetic Speaker Event Happen?
There are 2 Magnetic Speaker events a year: one in the early summer and one in late fall.

What time does the event start on Thursday?
Registration begins at 8AM and the event kicks off at 9AM. Make sure you checkout the Schedule Page for more information.

Resultimonials™ promotional services are recorded statements of patrons of others’ services regarding quantitatively measured results, improvements, growth, benefits, value, or gain achieved by these patrons based on material learned as a result of these services, specifically, as a result of attending educational or training programs, seminars, or workshops conducted by others, or stemming directly from receiving personal or business coaching conducted by others, all for the purpose of promoting the aforementioned educational, training, and coaching services for and on behalf of others.


DATE TBA, 2020


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