Adam Giandomenico

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Adam Giandomenico is a global business leader, business execution coach and serial entrepreneur, who has built 11 high performance companies with a total of 25 operations in 10 different countries. With proven expertise in global sales and marketing, product development, manufacturing, supply chain management and precision managed business operations, Adam motivates entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve their goals by leveraging their strengths and identifying ways to rapidly scale their businesses.

Adam achieved a 10-year career as a professional athlete. After becoming a two-time U.S. National Windsurfing Champion, he went on to compete globally and placed 7th in the World Championships. He retired from professional sports at age 22 and invested in a Silicon Valley Startup, setting the stage for his transition into the corporate world.

Rising in the ranks of business, Adam became president of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, and was awarded Top 40 Under 40 Executives in Silicon Valley. He then founded Adams Instruments which was quickly acquired by TSI, Inc. Continuing in the entrepreneurial spirit, Adam co-founded Particles Plus, another successful manufacturing company headquartered in Boston. Adam recently acquired 50% of IAQ Media, a B2B publisher of industry specific magazines.

With his experience and vision, he also became the CEO of 21Thirteen Design, the visual branding, marketing and web design firm for Rick Frishman, Author101 University, and many bestselling authors, speakers and industry experts.

While leading five rapidly growing companies in Japan, China and the U.S., Adam devotes a portion of his time as an Angel Investor, providing capital, human resources and business expertise to companies that fit within his algorithm for success.

Adam has partnered as executive producer with Rick Frishman to make Author101 University the premier event for marketing and publishing success.

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