Karin Roest

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Karin Roest is known as the “Industry’s Best Kept Secret” as she’s focused on creating fame for celebrities for 15 years instead of for herself. She has worked behind the scenes as a Celebrity Talent Scout and Producer with Grammy Award-winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize Winners, highly paid TED talk speakers, New York Times Bestselling authors and Award-winning philanthropists.

But jet setting around the world with celebrities was not enough, so she disappeared to do one year of meditation in silence (yep, no talking for a year!) to find a deeper purpose and meaning in her own life.

She has seen firsthand that fame is a systematic process, so shares celebrity secrets that reveal:

Why you need to be famous – Fame is not only for trashy reality stars or A-LIST celebrities heading to rehab. If you have a good mission that helps other people, heading to Hollywood is the fastest way to make the biggest impact. Learn how to become Purposely Famous even if no one knows who you are right now.

How to make Hollywood, the media, and the masses come to you – If you want to gain the respect and attention of the most influential and powerful people in the world, learn how to flip the script and use your authenticity, passions, and purpose to gain more money, fame, and influence with integrity.

How to go from online entrepreneur to A-LIST famous for a good purpose – Too many talented coaches, small business owners, and entrepreneurs never make an impact beyond their niche. They’re a superstar in their industry and might even have millions in the bank yet never break into the “big time” on a global level. She shares a 5-step system that anyone can follow to crossover into Hollywood so you can finally make that big break you are capable of making.

Now she helps authentic people from any background create a customized path to go from unknown to A-LIST famous for a good purpose.

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