Profitable Publicity Expert & Media Strategist

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Starley Murray proudly provides PROFITABLE PUBLICITY PLATFORM coaching, networking and publicity placement live on site on Television and at high profile events such as Red Carpets for authors.

Twenty-five year veteran Celebrity Image Expert, Starley Murray, provides Publicity Platform coaching, networking and publicity to CEOs, celebrities, media members, authors, speakers, and industry experts to translate their unique message in front of television, video and web cameras.

Growing up poor in a rich neighborhood, Starley shows you how to make a million dollar image and profitable publicity plan from a mini budget. You can find Starley on Live Televisions Appearances, Red Carpet Events, and Online Video Sessions. Podcast shoots and Media Press Conferences are held in the offices in New York, Hollywood and San Antonio.

Starley Murray has been seen on television and in the news most every month for two decades. She is in demand for her successful profitable publicity & media training program. Starley loves working with authors and industry experts and was raised to help others by a single mom who launched business after business to provide for her children.

Why choose Starley? Top literary agents and publishers emphasize how crucial it is for authors to have a strong media presence, and a profitable plan to get TV coverage.

Starley is in high demand with TV, Magazine and Celebrities such as CNN, Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX affiliates, People, Good Housekeeping, Oprah’s O Magazine, Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, George Strait, John Walsh, Arnold Schwarzenegger and thousands more.

“Without Starley’s Brand & Media Coaching, I would have never been able to secure a national appearance on Oprah’s Discovery or have been able to direct and produce an infomercial for the National FOX News Network!”
-Kathy Gruhn, Author and The Positive Parenting Expert

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